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Mr and Miss Hull 2015 Organised by Mr Universe Dan Welburn & Bodyworld Gym

The show was FANTASTIC. It was well run, lots of staff to look after people and the Athletes were spot on. Such a tough a job for the judges. It was a pleasure to work on this new show, and I look forward to next year. Thanks to all thos who purchased on the day, orders will go out very soon, Jut had another event to cover.


You can order the video for £25 via

The photographs are £25 via lee@photo-flex or 07943174447 (also the number to pay card for john)

Pay by Credit or debit card, paypal or bank transfer.

Visit the facebook page for show updates

Here are the highlight photos. There wont be a full gallery, this is to show the quality everyone gets.

Order a custom print for your gym for £15 posted, this can have the show name, and your name etc on it. A4 size.(after you order)