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Fitness & Bodybuilding Photography

Here at photo-flex I offer a bespoke fitness & Bodybuilding photography service. As you'll gather from the about page, I have alot more to offer than the average photographer.

Please note, I don’t shoot nude's or implied nudes for male or female. There are specialist people who prefer that. Also, suitable gym-wear must be worn.( shorts covering most of the glutes) , no lingerie etc.

*A non refundable deposit is required to book your shoot. This is to cover the time that goes into preparing your shoot and the work that goes into securing locations etc. And of course turning down other work to carry out your shoot.*

Look out for special shoot days at various gyms, this will mean cheap short shoots as your sharing the time but have your own slot.

Local gym shoot (Sheffield,Doncaster) 2 hours, includes full lighting set up, mix of shots and outfits  including disc of images, and a 16x12" Print. £320

Location shoots, gyms in other areas (over 40 miles from DN11) are a minimum 2hrs, including disc of images and includes a 16x12" print from  £360


*Please note for personal use images all have the photo-flex logo (still full res but small logo) photos for sponsors, ie clothing, supplements need to be pre organised. Images must be paid for by sponsors

Full res or prints are available by request without logos. (extra cost applies)

Watch the video behind the scenes on a shoot., with hints and tips

I may do shorter local gym shoots if no studio lighting is required.

All prices shown are for Personal use only.

Commercial shoots are quoted upon request.

I also provide Show photography

Product price list HERE.

Treat your self to the best quality canvas art. Also lab printed prints. great as gifts.

Preparing for your Photoshoot. Hints & Tips

  1. Plan what you want to wear. You have more than enough time for multiple outfit changes, themes.
  2. TAN, the best condition can also be lost if not tanned. A photoshoot is like the stage. More so studio and lighting shots. Gym shoots can be more natural if you prefer.
  3. The next tip is more opinion based, but if your having a shoot thats not close to a contest, water manipulation can help you look sharper on the day, the same goes for carb loading, but Il advise that more in detail when we talk.
  4. Ask questions, send ideas and show me what you like or how you want to look. As much as I cant make you look bigger or leaner than you are, I can help you get the right style of shoot.
  5. It goes without saying that you will be well groomed. But think about make-up and how your hair will look. For guys, plan a good shave, or trim the beard. The photos are Hi -res so look your best.
  6. If you have scars, spots or anything you don't want on the final edits let me know, theres alot we can remove. Tattoos to a small degree.
  7. Location Permission. If your booking me to visit a gym or location of your choice, check the shoot is ok with the owner/manager. In most cases Il arrange this, but sometimes its done by you.
  8. Last but not least, Have Fun. Its great fun and the rewards great.


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