Nabba Midlands 2019 Media

Tomorrow is the Nabba Midlands 2019 bodybuilding show over at Brierly Hill Civic Hall. I will be there to provide photography alone side Pumped Media providing video. With the media package you get all your photographs, quarter turns, comparisons, awards, and routine. With the Video you get 3 videos with that very same content. Pre order is £40 for it all. From midnight on the 28th the price goes up. You can pre order from here

If you have any questions please inbox from the contact page or email

Don’t forget, if your thinking of a gym photoshoot, get in touch.

Photoshoots 2019

Hey, its been a while since I posted here, but I needed to update on how my diary is for this year.

So far May is a really busy month for photoshoots, for those wanting them around show time, I am running out of space. I have also agreed to be at alot more NABBA shows this year, new shows are Scotland, Wales, North West and there may be more to come. Even the ones Im not at are being covered by Pumped Media, whom I am working with on the above shows too and other NABBA shows. So you will get the best photographs and video. Some shows are now available for pre order through me and through the Pumped Media website. His website sells a full package which is Photographs, Video, back stage studio shots all in one.

Its all very exciting and obviously fitness gym shoots are as normal. I do shoot to suit the style you like. Its all about getting you the images that YOU want and not what I want to take. Call it a team effort. But for those totally new to photoshoots, I will guide you every step.

Tomorrow Im heading to the Pumped Media studio to film a podcast. My first so its exciting and scary all at the same time. Follow them on facebook for lots of other cool podcasts. Not to mention the ones they do with Muscular Development, one of THE best magazines in the world. I used to love this magazine. The best science and research you will ever read.

Until next time, thanks for reading



Open Yorkshire 2018

Well its a little over a week until the 10th Anniversary of the Open Yorkshire Bodybuilding show in Castleford. This is a show that the promoters put all there pride into. And it shows. Jason Matthews & Paul Jeffreys have made sure this show is great for all who attend.

Show photographs are available from me, and the videography by Pumped Media. .You can order your photographs by clicking contact or emailing pre order before Sunday night £25 (£30 thereafter)

You get Quarter turns, Comparisons, Routine, Awards. All in High resolution for personal use.

Don’t miss this great show.

Update 9.10.18

Show images are ready and have been going out. Here is the sample that I put out first.

For your video orders you can get these direct from and if you visit there facebook page, the link is in the text above the promo video was released today.