Well its a little over a week until the 10th Anniversary of the Open Yorkshire Bodybuilding show in Castleford. This is a show that the promoters put all there pride into. And it shows. Jason Matthews & Paul Jeffreys have made sure this show is great for all who attend.

Show photographs are available from me, and the videography by Pumped Media. www.pumpedmedia.co.uk .You can order your photographs by clicking contact or emailing showorder@photo-flex.co.uk pre order before Sunday night £25 (£30 thereafter)

You get Quarter turns, Comparisons, Routine, Awards. All in High resolution for personal use.

Don’t miss this great show.

Update 9.10.18

Show images are ready and have been going out. Here is the sample that I put out first.

For your video orders you can get these direct from www.pumpedmedia.co.uk and if you visit there facebook page, the link is in the text above the promo video was released today.