Hi, I’m Lee, I’ve been a professional photographer for over 10 years. And had an interest for many years before I took the plunge. I have always loved fitness. I started boxing at 11 years old. I Fought for a few years on and off. At 16 I started with weights as I was a skinny kid. I built up my frame over a few years. I got more serious about muscle at 24 and got deep into bodybuilding. I wanted to see what competition prep was like so in 2010 I did the NABBA North East 1st timers and loved every second. Maybe one day again but for now working in the sport of fitness and bodybuilding and training 5/6 days a week is great.

My debut into photography as a business was firstly bodybuilding and kind of by accident. I was attending a show with a basic camera like most and just couldn’t get the image. It was blurry and orange, so I set out to sort this out. I purchased my first Canon DSLR, a very standard one too. The images improved and I learned how to get sharper shots and get the white balance right (the reason camera’s see the lighting as orange). In the meantime, I met a guy who was looking after some guys preparing for the local shows and the NABBA Universe. He invited me to the gym to get some fly on the wall style images of training. This went well and kick-started the whole process. I was lucky enough to meet Paul Jeffries of NABBA and attend some shows and shadow the photographer to learn how to do it better and from there contributed to the NABBA magazine. I since contributed to FLEX, Muscle & Fitness, Muscletricks, and Beef magazine.

Moving Forward.

So onto present day and I cover most NABBA shows, some NPA when Fivos the official guy is busy and some open shows. I have also covered a few UKBFF show and PCA. Aside from this, the service is mostly Gym and Location photoshoots. Anyone can book a shoot. You don’t have to be a competitor or top-level athlete. A lot of my clients are people who have a goal and like to document there achievement with a photoshoot. You don’t have to be super lean or Mr or Miss Universe.

Shoots flow in a relaxed manner. I know what we’re going to do which will depend on your brief or if you’ve asked me to lead the way. I have shot in a lot of different gyms, a Lake, under bridges, old buildings, scrap yards, woods, cars, fields, most places. Its really good fun and everyone enjoys it.

photo-flex is fully insured and only use high-end Canon equipment, currently using a 5DMK4 with a MK3 as a backup. L class lenses for super sharpness too.

Proudly I edit all my own work. I don’t make people look false, but will remove scratches, spots, bruises the best I can. Images to get certain treatment to bring out the detail and women will get skin treatment for basic improvement. ( airbrushing as some say) but not over the top.

I love my job, and people who work with me always notice this. I can be contacted leading up to the shoot, and after if you have any issues.

If you have any questions please just click the contact tab.