Hey, welcome to my website. In this day and age not many people actually visit websites anymore but I still think its nice to have one. Social media is obviously the way forward. But, a website lets me introduce myself properly.

Firstly, a little about me. I started my fitness journey when I was 11, the age you can join a boxing club. From an early age, I loved all the Rocky and Rambo films and this partly inspired my fitness journey. Bruce Lee films were also huge back then. So I started boxing and loved it. Had a few bouts and didn’t do too bad. As I got older I started training with weights to get bigger, as I was a small light fighter. Many years later I got into weights more with a bodybuilding mindset. In 2010 I entered my first show the NABBA North East, which looked ok but for me it was the experience. Around that time I got into fitness photography, and my role was in front of the stage not on it.

Since then I have photographed many shows, mainly for NABBA but also the PCA, UKBFF, NPA and WABBA. I do feel lucky to have been at some amazing Mr & Miss Universe shows and Britain Finals. This also led to me writing for the NABBA Magazine a few years ago. On the back of all this, I have shot 100’s of gym photoshoots as well as many locations.

What I bring to the table is not only photography skills but a working knowledge of bodybuilding and fitness. On photoshoots, I am able to guide men and women throughout the shoot. First-time photo shooters soon relax. With 100% professionalism, you are always looked after before, during and after shoots.

Friends and/or partners are more than welcome to come with you on your shoot. They make handy helpers at times too.

See you soon,

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