How to pose on a gym fitness or bodybuilding photoshoot
How to pose on a gym fitness or bodybuilding photoshoot

How to pose on a gym fitness or bodybuilding photoshoot

A serious question asked by clients when booking their gym photoshoot is “Will you show me how to pose” and the answer is YES. I fully guide my clients even if I look silly doing it. Lets face it, it’s not a normal feeling to stand in front of someone with a camera and just switch on a pose, smile and keep it all tight. With years of fitness and bodybuilding experience as well as being a professional photographer, I can show you the best way to pose or guide you in your own poses and ideas.

Its also a myth that I only work with fitness athletes and competitors, I indeed do, but the average client is someone on a fitness journey and just want to document it (or proof for the grandkids) And these are the people who need the most guidance, usually. It is also important to mention, you can bring along a friend, partner or coach for support.

Preparing for a gym photoshoot

It is always best to get a great tan or have a quality spray tan done. More so if you’re very pale. The lights work better with dark tans and you will look leaner. Before this prepare your skin with exfoliating if you don’t already. Your skin will glow better and take the tan better to. Think about what outfits you want to wear. Gents tend to just wear shorts but the odd vest can work as well. Ladies’ shoots work well with shorts, leggings, vests and crop tops. But you can bring anything you like. Any images you see of mine were all ideas of the clients. Simple sugars on the day help you stay happy, veins popping and full muscles. If you have a coach they will advise better. Bring water although I will get you some if you forget. Everyone is surprised how tiring a shoot can be.

Any questions just pop me an email.

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